OKAZJA - Hamax Siesta Fotelik dziecięcy bagażnik szary/czerwony 2018 Mocowania fotelików, kolor szary

wariant: montaż z tyłu; Materiał: UV-stabilised material; wariant konstrukcji: montaż na bagażniku; Zalecany wiek: od 9 miesięcy; Maksymalna dopuszczalna waga: 22 kg; System pasów: 3-point safety belt with additional chest buckle to keep the child in the seat safely and comfortably; szczegóły: Lockable bracket, Ergonomic seating position, The buckles can't be opened by the child, Safe and easy cultivation, Can be mounted on bicycles with or without luggage carrier, Adjustable seat belt and footrests, The child seat can be easily attached to and removed from the bicycle, Excellent padding due to spring-loaded mounting bracket, Fits tubular frames with a diameter of 28 to 40 mm (round and oval)

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